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Nearlyweds offers a white label solution for brands that want to add additional tools to drive customer engagement, repeat visits, and loyalty.

Why Offer Your Customers Wedding Websites?

Start Conversations

Wedding Websites are one of the first things couples sign up for after "Will you marry me?". It’s a great time to start conversations about your product or service at the top of the funnel.

Repeat Visits

Encourage repeat visits to your website with additional opportunities to expose customers to your core products. Brides often visit their wedding websites multiple times per day and spend a significant amount of time on their website.

Acquire Leads

Offering wedding websites to your customers is a great way to acquire leads more easily and for a lower CPA.


Matching wedding website templates to your product. .

Matching Wedding websites for Stationery Designers.

Great for your customers

  • Brides love the idea of matching wedding websites and stationery
  • Coordinate paper to pixel, unique offering not widely available
  • Incredible assortment of designs, styles, genres, colors, invitation companies available to choose from

Great for your business

  • Wedding websites sites are bought usually within the first few months of planning – stationery is bought much later. Brides who select a wedding website site style that matches stationery are much more likely to purchase that stationary months later – fantastic customer acquisition tool for stationery providers
  • Stationery companies get a “storefront” page, with prominent branding and section to post news, information, or updates to potential customers
  • All templates get landing pages with links to matching stationery, tags, and lots of great SEO
  • Always, prominent stationery links in control panel, and on template details pages

Our existing white label partners such as Wedding Paper Divas have found our offering a unique way to acquire leads and maintain a “top of funnel” awareness..

We offer 100% white glove service. We take care of everything technical. Fully managed 7 days / week customer service.


  • Truly gorgeous designs that brides love – no horrible clipart looking grossness
  • The right amount of features - Not so many they overwhelm the busy bride, not so few they are left wanting more
  • New features are continually added, which you would instantly receive in your white label
  • Amazing conversion rates - 20-30% of visitors start a free trial


  • Simple, web based tool that quickly allows the creation of matching wedding website designs
  • No Hosting, no technical debt, fully managed customer service
  • Efficient, quality controlled process, ensuring reliable wedding websites for your customers and pain-free system for you


100% Free Phone Consultation

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